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HenningPedersen.Net welcomes you. Before we start, we have to read a Word from the Bible:
Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. - Rom. 13:7.
On HenningPedersen.Net is 22 home sites. Some of them I made, by myself, other sites I made on request from other people. Enter the home sites, see the content! Some frames are red, others are blue, and the rest of them are green. Because they have different content. So: Red frame are Christian sites. - Blue frame are Railway-sites. - Green frame are other sites.
Some web sites are translated - see the flags. All sites in danish.

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  nr 1
  My own site.
ephphatha.dk Ephphatha - Christian literature
Pivotal point for the Effata-sites
Sites width Christian - Adventism content.
Thought of this week - Article for this month - Faith and Teaching - Ellen G White
  nr 2
  My own site.
effatha.dk/bibelbilleder/engelsk.asp Bible pictures
Older drawings from the childrens sabbath school. The pictures are from the parables and the acts in the Bible
  nr 3
  My own site.
effatha.dk/andagt Daily devotinal
Devotional from the book »The faith I live by.« (danish) by Ellen G White. This web site should be set as start site in the browser.
  nr 4
  My own site.
uk.sdaportal.net SDAportal
A scandinavian portal site over adventists. What are they doing? Links to their private home sites, organisations home sites, and churches' home sites
  nr 5
  My own site.
effata.se/adventkirker Danish Advent churches
A complete collection over the Advent Churches of Denmark. Early such as present. Even churches around Denmark.
  nr 6
  My own site.
effata.se/bibelstudium/dansk.php Bible Study
5-6 different biblestudy
  nr 7
  My own site.
effatha.dk/skabelsen/ And God created . . .
Website about the ceration form the bible
  nr 8
  My own site.
kørestrøm.dk/jernbanelinks/tysk.php jernbanelinks.dk
Scandinavian linksite width 700 links to rail-sites
  nr 9
  My own site.
kørestrøm.dk Electric power over the tracks of Europe
An overview the different systems of power from the normal-gauged railways of Europe.
  nr 10
  My own site.
kørestrøm.dk/Kobnh-Kopnh København or Köpenhamn
Why do the swedish write "Köpenhamn" in Malmoe, when in Copenhagen is written "Malmö"?
  nr 11
  My own site.
kørestrøm.dk/tog/foto.htm Railway pictures
Photos from railway stations before and after electrifying.
  nr 12
  My own site.
kørestrøm.dk/tog Electric power over the tracks of Europe
An overview the different systems of power from the normal-gauged railways of Europe.
  nr 13
  My own site.
effata.se/7adv/brudesl Brudslør
The cultivated plant Gypsophila - baby´s breath - Chalkplant. Rapport from the gardening examination in 1983
  nr 14
  My own site.
effata.se/7adv/opskr.htm Recipes
Recipe at not-roast and Madeira cake.

uk.adventk.net Adventchurch Server
Give hosting for several adventchurch-homsites. The system give way for editing and setup and a calender. The Calender will delete it self.
  nr 15
  The site is
    driven for others
taastrupvaenge.dk Tåstrup Vænge
Ejerforeningen Tåstrup Vænge
  nr 16
  The site is
    driven for others
jernbaneklub.dk/jernbaneartikler Railway Articles
A data base width almost 50 000 records. Articles from Jernbanen (Jernbanenyt) - All with Railway-material. The site runs under Danish Railway-Club.
  nr 17
  The site is
    driven for others
enfastgrund.se En Fast Grund
Website from L Sundstads Swedish translations from american artickles af Adventist.
  nr 18
  The site is
    driven for others
www.jernbaneklub.dk/hovedstadsomraadet Danish Railway-Club, Hovedstadsområdet
The section web site is updating by others, but I am making design and technique. Their activites is updating frequently.
  nr 19
  The site is
    driven for others
www.jernbaneklub.dk/lolland-falster Danish Railway-Club, Lolland-Falster Section
Webmaster for this sections web site.
  nr 20
  The site is
    driven for others
www.bogrullen.dk The heavently Manna
Are you cloatet the weddinggarment? Are you ready for second comming of Christ
  nr 21
  The site is
    driven for others
  nr 22
  Other sites.
adventist.dk/Default.asp?ID=513 Testimonies on adventist.dk
I have written one of them.

The first homesit was called Cristian Litterature and started the 11/8 1999, - effata started the 30/8 2002.