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Wine in the Bible

By Joachim Broegaard

1. What general warning do the scriptures give about wine? Pr 23:20; Eph 5:18.

2. What does the Bible say about wine and strong drink? Pr 20:1.

3. What happens to one who is under the influence of wine? Is 28:7.8; Gen 9:20.21; Lev 10:; Is 5:20-22.

4. What characteristics describe those who drink wine? Pr 23:29-35; Is 5:11.

5. What is fresh pure grape juice directly from the winepress called in the Bible? Is 65:8; 16:10

6. What kind of wine did the butler serve Pharaoh? Gen 40:9-11.

7. What kind of wine did God serve the Israelites in the wilderness? Deut 32:14.

8. In the light of the above texts, what did Paul recommend Timothy to drink? 1Tim 5:23; (compare with 1Tim 3:3.8.)

9. Can certain foods cause drunkenness? Eccl 10:17

10. Will those intoxicated with wine be in heaven? 1Cor 6:9.10

11. What is the spiritual meaning of drunkenness? Is 29:9-12; (compare with 2Thess 2:9-11.)

12. What is Babylon doing to all the nations? Rev 14:8; 17:2; 18:3.

13. How does God finally punish the sinner? Rev 14:10; 16:9

14. What did God command the Israelites to do during the Passover feast? Ex 12:15; 13:6.7.

15. What does leaven represent? Matt 16:12; Luke 12:1; 1Cor 5:7.8.

16. What did the wine, which Jesus served his disciple at the last supper, represent? Matt 26:19.26-29; 1Cor 11:23-26; (compare with Zech 12:10; 13:1.)

17. How much fermentation did Jesus allow into His body? Matt 27:34; (compare with Matt 27:48; Mark 15:36; Luke 23:36; John 19:29

18. What promise and command is given to help God’s people? 1Thess 5:23

Commitment: Will you, like Daniel (Dan 1:5.8.), purpose in your heart not partake of anything that can defile you?